Out of nowhere date?

so I was at a club tonight, seeing and talking to lots of guys. I didn't really put effort into any of them as I was there with my friends and cared about talking to them more... anyway long story short right as I was leaving I ran into a man who I've talked to before- just talking no flirting- matter of fact I was worried he disliked me because of how blunt I am...

we ended up talking outside the club for an hour and a half after the club shut

he asked me for my phone number and gave me a sweet kiss bye( though I think he wanted to come home with me)

but it seemed so random to me- the one night I go out after work- barely any makeup- messy hair- and lets just say I didn't have the greatest clothing on- I get a date?

does this happen often, guys and girls who just happen to be at the right place at the right time? or is it all just random?


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  • Of course you're over-analyzing this...

    The things you're thinking about -- makeup, messy hair, clothing, how flirtatious you are -- honestly don't make that much of a difference. At least, they don't to me. I'm not saying they don't make any difference. They do, but it's marginal in terms of whether a guy would consider asking you out or not.

    But let's not jump the gun. He only asked for your number. That doesn't mean you automatically have a date.

    But why he asked you for your number? I think it's fairly simple. He probably recognized you because he'd seen you before. He either decided he was going to ask for your number before even talking to you, or he decided afterward but guys almost always keep that possibility in mind before they even bother approaching a girl. At the point he's talking to you, so long as you don't make a bad impression, he'll probably end up thinking positively of you. Straight talking can often be better than overt flirting, because it shows you're down-to-earth and you're being yourself, not putting on an act.

    As for the element of randomness you're asking about, the main random thing is running into the right guy. Guys kind of prioritize pretty quickly which girls are most worth pursuing. Either you ended up near the top of this guy's list, or the guy was desperate. But every guy has a different list. Now, if you were fixed up that night and putting in a lot of effort, it may have bumped you up slightly on some other guys' lists. But if you're already at the top of the list for a certain guy, you literally don't have to put in any effort to get him to want to ask you out. Of course, he has to have the opportunity to do so, which is where the luck part comes in.

    • Well he's leaving town for 9 days tomorrow. He asked me to do something tonight but I already had plans- so he did ask for a date.

      I do think he is interested- we talked about tons of stuff after the club closed for ages and we only stopped because it seemed silly to stand so long talking and it had started to rain...

    • Yeah then, I think he likes you, you hit it off right, and that would have happened anyway regardless of whether you were trying to impress him or not. It was just a matter of him having the opportunity to speak to you and ask for your number. Good luck!

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  • it was destiny! ha ha but id say its random, its a great sign if when you didn't look your best he still was interested in you

    • a lot of guys said I looked really good tonight- loads of compliments- I'm never washing again!

  • I would probablly say right time.

  • I always find when I go out with friends having fun not really taking the night too serious or out with mission to pull I usually find its easier to meet girls. I think girls like it when guys are being less predatory in clubs. As for your experience Maybe because he has met you before he didn't care how you appeared he just wanted to talk to you, take it as a compliement that he really liked you when you werent dressed up.

    • Well every time I've met him I've looked awful! It's been at school when he was a teachers assistant

      Then twice at a club(I walk by there on my way home from work and usually get dragged in by ny friends) so I'm always tired or stressed looking and never I a nice dress- usually I dress very well but he's never seen that- so maybe it'll be a nice surprise for him.

    • you met him at school? like I said I don't think he well care how you look but yes he will be impressed

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