What does squeezing mean?

This boy I barely know squeezes whole my body! We weren´t making out ... We were just standing close to each other, hugging, talking and kissing... He was squeezing every part of my body - tights, arms, butt or hips, back of my neck, etc ...



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  • It sounds like he either wants more from you, he has blurred up the levels of intimacy, or he is inexperienced. The best way to deal with it is consistent between any of the motives, just be honest with him. Ask him why he chooses to squeeze you and that is a perfect opportunity to say what you feel is comfortable and what you think should constitute making out at this stage of the relationship. All the best :)


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  • There's a microchip on your body and he was trying to find it. Kissing was just his way of distracting you.


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