Anyone ever consider these little things about fate? I always think about this with every choice I make

Such as, a few months ago I was about to go out to a party. For some strange reason, I said screw it and invited this girl out who I kind of knew. This girl I ended up liking a lot and almost dating, but she ends up messing me up.

It's a bigger story than that, but I always think "What would've happened if I never sent that first IM? Where would I be now and what wouldn't I have learned.

Maybe if I wouldn't have sent that, I wouldn't have met the cool girls I've met recently and wouldn't have the knowledge I have now.

I generally take it as a positive way of thinking. I look back and am kind of thankful because I like where I'm at now.

And it's funny how much happens (generally good) when I'm faced with a choice, and I just say f*** it and do it. :)

What are your thoughts on this?


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  • I do believe in butterfly effect theory... A LOT of things in my life is the way it is because of something happened in the past or something I did.

    If my parents never gotten divorced I wouldn't have had a brother and a sister now. Maybe I would have been a different person.. Maybe my father would have let me go study what I've always wanted and lived else where now.. my friends wouldn't the same people now and my choices wouldn't be so damn limited either.

    At the other hand, if I never met this one person at the age of 19 my choices in life would have been a lot different and I would have been a different person... If I never met my current boyfriend things would have been a lot easier but who knows if all this drama happened for a reason maybe a door awaits me now and this path will guide me to a good ending.. or a new beginning.

    • But is it a work of fate or choices? Or do things happen randomly creating a path for you? Or is everything planned for you and all you have to do is live it? Its REALLY complicated

    • I think it's both. You make these little choices and fate takes you different pathways

    • yeah but what if its all planned and am just a doll? I guess its all work of fate but its all chained to others because parents family friends money and circumstances effect a lot of things ones life.

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  • I believe in fate, it's what brought me and my boyfriend together :-) x


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  • I think "what if" constantly. But I do not believe in fate. I believe in the law of truly large numbers.

  • i think everything happens for a reason, that you usually see later, down the road...

    by the way, I just freaked out, because I was just thinking about dumb and dumber, like literally talking with somebody about it, the first time I've thought of that movie in years, and I clicked on this Q and saw your profile pic :O