Whats the best way to tell a guy you wanna date him?'

Me and my best friend mess around a lot I like him a lot and he likes me. but we stillllllll are not dating. I really wanna date him but I don't want to come out and tell him that because I'm the girl and I don't think I should do that. How do I get him to ask me out without actualy telling him I want him to. I mean I know he likes me he tells me all the time but idk. help?


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  • because I'm the girl and I don't think I should do that

    Sigh. . . Why is it that guys are the ones always who have to do the hard work :D?

    Anyway you can flirt with him but it might just be the max you will have.

    If I were you I would take control.


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  • well

    tell him you

    wanna date

    then just

    leave it

    up to him

    to ask you

  • shit get over that I'm a girl and girls don't ask guys out lol its 2009, secretly keep letting him know how you feel put thoughts in his head and he'll catch on to what ur doing

  • when he tells you something nice, tell him something like 'it's a pity I decided that I will never be with a guy again otherwise I would have date you' and after that if he is clever he should knows what to do.


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