This perfect guy! He wanted to kiss me and I don't know if I should let him do it and not me or what?

so this guy is so perfect and I really liike him(when I use 2 I's that means I almost love him!) and I liike him as much as possible for barely knowing him. and we always text like constantly! every time I open my phone I have a text from him. and today he walked me to math and it was great :] and I am glad his friend left us for our 'alone time' because I need a dose of him everyday HE IS MY DRUG! and he always texts me like.

-i should have hugged you!

-I'd rather kiss you:)

-Ha no, and don't be sorry, I liked it, babe:)

-Oh god no I think that's really sweet trust me:)

and then he sends me texts calling me his baby, babe, sweetheart. and we don't know each other that well but well enough ya know? but all I know is we are like meant for each other. b./c he sweeps me off my feet and no boyy has done that, and I have been around trust me!

so should I hug him with something else? or what? (I am not going to give him my virginity.pervs!) but I mean idk? he wanted to kiss me and I don't know if I should let him do it and not me or what? HELPP! and if not then give advice.


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  • I honestly really believe that if it "feels right" then do whatever you want. Some people go out for a few weeks before they kiss for the first time, me and my boyfriend kissed before we were together. I even stopped him because I was still in a relationship and I wanted to break up with my ex before I did anything behind his back. I was upset actually, I knew it was right not to kiss him but I was afraid he would get frustrated and leave. But he didn't and we are together now :) If it feels right, and there's nothing holding you back like how I was being held back, go for it! The only person who can judge whether or not to it is okay for you to kiss him is you!

    The day my boyfriend kissed me we went out to eat and at my house he put his arm around me. Then he asked to hold my hand, then as I was talking he leaned in and kissed me. If you don't want to worry about it so much, don't think about it! Just let it happpen. I didn't worry about any of that and I got who exactly who I wanted.

    And that whole babe/sweetheart thing is adorable. My boyfriend calls me babe too and I love it :D It sounds like you guys really like each other, go for it ;)

    • Ya we do. and he is really great, he has a girlfriend but the whole time he said he was thinking about me and had to be with me. his girlfriend found out and then broke up with him. he is very happy about that breakup and asked to see me over spring break, which I want to a lott! but I am going to be gone for 5 out of the 7 days, but my parents said I could go see him on saturday. so I am happy. ;)

      i can't wait for him to call me and ask about it. it will be great.

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  • maybe it's just me but I really don't like guys using words like babe and such like because they sound like a player but if his friend is giving you two some alone time he's obviously said about you so he must be intrested in you a lot and you say you've been around I hope he's not just around for a bit bcause you might have got a reputation.maybe that's just my own opinion or I'm reading what you said in the wrong way anyways I hope it goes well and if he oesnt make the first move why don't you ? :)

  • Thats cuute that you think he's perfect and alll, I thought I found the perfect guy too.but I was wrong lol. Most guys bullshit A LOTT and they tell a girl what they want to hear, whether its true or not. Get to know him better before you do anything with him. Trust me, it takes awhile to actually get to know someone. Then again it depends how long you have been talking with himm.but yeah just be carefulll and don't get attached too easily bcuz you never know what he's got in his mind!

    *ps help me with my question tooo lol(:

  • I wouldn't do anything just yet. You barely know the guy. Now way would I just hug or even kiss some guy that I don't know. I won't even kiss a guy unless I'm dating him. Get to know him more before you do anything, he may not turn out to be your perfect guy and you'll get screwed over in the end. I've been there.