I really like this boy but he thinks I should tell my father.

Ok so I have been seeing this boy for a while now, he is a good friend from the summer program I was recently in, and he wants to do things like go to dinner and normal couple stuff but there is one BIG problem, my father :[

I am 18 now and starting college tomorrow, I really like this boy but he thinks I should tell my father, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but my dad is a single over-protective parent. I have never dated before and he is my first boyfriend I guess, even though we have done nothing.

The longer I wait to tell my father the trickier it gets.

I am too afraid to tell him too quickly and for him to become very closed off to the idea and then not trust me when I am out.

Either too early or too late is a lose lose situation.

If I tell him now he will freak, especially since I am barely starting college and he wants me to focus which I will do, but I also want to experience stuff like dinner and a movie with my boyfriend without being paranoid.

Please any suggestions?


I am desperate, I don't want to end it or waste my boyfriend's time or lose my father's trust.



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  • I think you should talk to both of them ahead of time. Don't do dinner! Just plan a date have him come by. Then let them meet for a few minutes and bail. That way you give both of them a little taste and you can how they react. That's all I can think of sorry...


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