How can I make this concept less cliche?

I've been working on this artwork for a few days. I bought a green decorated vintage bird cage and spray painted it black and also made a papier mache finch. I've also acquired some neat antique keys that I was planning to hang beneath the cage. The finch is just white at the moment so it contrasts with the black cage. I was going to mix some wire with some branches (spray painted black) and twine them together to hang the cage on them. But looking back on it, it's a bit cliche, if you feel like adding any ideas/advice feel free. Maybe the branches growing into the cage or something? :S Thanks in advance


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  • that sounds epic, I'm having a lot of fun trying to visualize it. the only way you can make it less cliche (in my mind), is to put the keys inside the cage. instead of the age-old idea of the bird being trapped by an outside force, you can sort of portray the bird allowing itself to be trapped in a hanging inside the cage, quite within its reach... what do you think?

    • the keys* hanging inside the cage...

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    • Oh neat as, sounds cool :) I'm doing a 4 year joint degree right now to be an art teacher. If you ever want to talk about art related topics add me haha

    • awesome! good luck with getting your degree. and same to you, love talking about art :)

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  • It could use a walrus.

    • Are you going somewhere with this?... Haha

    • The tusks... they are made of ivory. When sanded, they become sharp enough to snare a baby koala bear.

      I've got it! Vines crawling on the cage. Maybe a few flowers in full color, representing life and freedom.

  • Whats cliche about it? Its a bird cage, if you wanted to make a bird cage, you've done it. Its not that cliche, I mean, I've never seen a black and white paper mache bird cage, you know? If you want you could think of some 'deeper meaning' to justify it with, make it into some allegory, but I dunno, that feels to fancy. It seems fine, to me.


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