I asked him to hang out, he said "maybe"...

We only saw each other for 2 hours last week and I miss him a lot (he lives 2 hrs away now)... so I asked him to hangout this weekend and he says maybe?! I was so hurt and he's like OK, let me think of something. Meanwhile he has a friend (girl) coming to stay for at least one night. We have no future plans but he told me all of his plans for the next few weeks with his friends and hopefully we can work out stuff when he's visiting close by. WTF is that?!


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  • That is him already having plans. Maybe he's more interested in this other girl. Maybe you should ask him.. :)

    • He's doing his sister a favor by having her friend stay at his place - her plans fell through and she's coming from another country and needs a place to stay - not a big deal, he doesn't even know her, but I'm just annoyed that he doesn't know if he wants to see me.

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  • He said he's going to think of something so you can hang out, which is what most people would say when they are booked with plans. There's no reason to be upset, you can't expect him to drop plans he already made just to make you happy, he has other friends to think about too. If he dropped everything to hang out with you, it would make him a crappy friend to all the other people he just ditched. If you were dating it might be a bit of a different story, but if you aren't, you shouldn't try to be controlling him or getting upset when he has plans with other people first.

    • We are dating and he's very serious about me. He always used to want to see me and now he doesn't know? That's why I was hurt and told him about it... so he asked to see me tonight. I have no problem with people have friends or other plans, but when I'm dating someone in an already complicated situation, it would make me feel better to know that he actually wants to see me.

    • well I don't think you should worry because he said he would see what he could do, in order to make you happy. if he didn't want to see you then he would probably break up with you since its a complicated situation, but since he said he would try to find a way that means he does want to see you. he probably said maybe because he knows how busy he is and doesn't want to make plans he has to break.

    • Ok, thanks for your thoughts. I think you're right - I guess I'm just worried he's losing interest.

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