Text someone to see if they want to make plans?

The last few weeks the girl I have been seeing has shown less interest me. I text her to see if she want to make plans the next day. She did not text me back until a day after, saying sorry she didn't get back to me... Is she still interested or is she done with me? Should I just wait it out and see if she tries to make plans with me in the future.


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  • She may just be responding to your less-than-inspiring date requests.

    If I was dating a guy and he texted me to ask if I wanted to get together the next day I would think 1) he must not value me or my time thinking I am available at a moment's notice for a date and 2) he must not be that in to me to text instead of calling.

    I think texting works in relationships to send sweet nothings like "I love you" or for practical purposes, like "Sorry honey, running 15 minutes late". I wouldn't use it to ask someone out on a date. You should definitely step it up if you are still just dating and not in a relationship. At least by calling and putting more effort in to it, you will find out quickly if this girl is trying to ditch you.

  • if she keeps doing that she is probably done. Just try asking her once more and if she does that I'd move on


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