How do I handle this....first date, gets a call family member just passed

We met for our first date at 1pm things were so great that it was 9:30 at night and we were still going strong. Then his phone rings, his unlce just passed away. His whole body language changed, expected and normal, after getting that kind of news, but...he said " I knew he only had a few more days, I was supposed visit him tomorrow..." I felt sort weird.

He was so kind about the whole thing we parted ways but I felt as though he may be beating himself up a little. Who knew, he couldn't have known. We still text, talk and we want to get together again but now his mom is in the hospital too...I want to send him flirty and nice messages but just seems "wrong" with what he has going on. I need help...not sure what to do or what to say. I like him enough that I can see a long relationship ahead.

But I'm just happy he is level headed and seems to be handling these things well, he sounds a little down but still has compliments and kind words for me although a little laced with sadness. I just want to be there and not be inappropriate.


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  • I would encourage him to visit his mom often, and honestly I think neither text or call, if were with him in person it would be wonderful. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn't expect anyone to say something that makes me feel good again right away - this things take time ! I would like that someone just came to me, sitted next to me, smiled and hugged me, in silence... for a long time.