My sister's boyfriend and my brother hang out with my ex, What do I do?

They go camping and post it all of Facebook, I have a new boyfriend and believe he is the one and want them to stop hanging out with my ex. Its causing problems between me and boyfriend and problems between me and my sister. What the hell did I do?


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  • lol ,it sounds as though your sister maybe even your brother may like the exbf better than the new guy. who knows maybe the exbf had made some remark he messed up with you and liked to get backtogether with you. your ex may not know what going on between you and your sister and she(being she and her boyfriend hang with your exbf ) is trying to make waves to get you two back together by maybe making the new guy jealous.

    if this is a possibility maybe you should sit down an have a serious talk with her . ask her why she's acting or doing what ever it is that's causing friction between you (let her know she's your sister and you'll always love her but at present your happy with the new guy. you know she may mean well but what she's doing hurts you because ayt present your not interested in getting back with the exbf anytime soon if she loved you she should just be happy her sister is happy with whose she with now. you'd do the same for her if she was in your place.

    if your sister loves you any at all she'll back down

    • yea I tried talking with them and they are like we have been friends with him longer. and they argue with me instead of understanding me. my boyfriend found out and he wants nothing to do with them anymore and I totally get it. its disrespectful. but how do I handle it being that my sister and brother aren't getting it and I'm related to them. this really sux because I'm going to end up keeping my life super private from them. I love my new boyfriend and hoping he's the one.

    • so I take it they are trying to get you and your exbf back together and making waves. OK I see the age group is (?18-24) out of the three of you who is the oldest and where do you stand as far as age . really they have no say in who you date I'm sure they wouldn't want you interfering in their relationships (possible idea to show what their doing to you )do either have an ex (I think you get the drift)

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