I need first date advice!!!

So I met a guy on one of those online dating sites and after a few weeks of talking we exchange numbers and are now talking about meeting in person! This is the first date I've had since my divorce and I feel totally lost! I don't know what to wear to how to act, flirt or not what's too much? I feel like nowadays men are so judgemental. How many of you have been on the first date and ending up with the awkward silence? What did you do to come back from it? Also has anyone ever met someone online and actually end up together? lol It all just seems to good to be true at the moment :)


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  • First, if you click, the conversation won't be awkward, it will be easy. If you don't click, yeah its going to be awkward and seem like a waste of time.

    And my brother dated three girls from an online dating service. The last one he's been married to for 6 years now.

  • just try to be yourself, if he appreciates you for yourself, you've got it made, if not, then you don't want him anyways


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