Dating her best friend?

Ok here's the gist..

Katie the girl I like rarly shows much intrest but Geni knows I've been trying and I like katie..

But getting to know Katie. me and Geni became friends

We have even went out togeather with Katie

I'm wondering I asked Katie out and got turned down. Do you think Geni would like to go on the date?

Ive been intrested in both girls. But Geni was getting serious with a guy so I chose to chase katie. But now they broke up


If you where Katie. Would you be upset at your friend for going

If you where Geni. Would you go? Or think you were just a second pick?

Any other advice? I'll need to ask soon so she can go if she wants to

I asked her.. She said she couldn't go to that event.. So we planned to go out another day.. :) basicly the next day
I am worried though.. That she's going on this date because we are friends and not because she acually wants me as a boyfriend


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  • Dude just do it. Your young and she, to you, is an attractive female you want to be with.

    if she turns you down because of what ever reason then.. She turns you down. Big deal.

    you'll do what you did with Katie and.. Find another girl to want to ask out.

    if geni turns you down tho.. Ask why... Let her answer and if need be after that.. Ask her if its because of her friendship with Katie. Don't try to hard to argue that "if that's the only reason its stupid" you have to be respectable to the friendship but if that really is the ONLY reason she's turning you down, try your best to convince her that you understand but you really would rather date her and that if she likes you she should do what it takes to make things right with Katie to be with you.

    but your playing the odds with 2 chicks and you have got to WHAT EVER It TAKES to make it seem like your not because unless you have a sh*t ton of confidence (bad boy) and attract girls like no ones business, you seriously can't pull that off. Its just low.

  • make your mind up on who you like, nobody wants to be the backup girl

    • I like both girls.. But like I said one had a serious boyfriend untell a little while ago

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