Our friends say we act like a couple?

We always text. We can agree on anything and but indecisive but I like him. I asked that a nosy friend asked my guy friend if he liked someone and he said he didn't and that people don't necessairly need to like a person.I kinda of like him. I am my really good friends keep asking me if I have a crush on my best guy friend and I rely I don't know. I do and although I say what I say they say they think he likes me and we would make a cute couple. I know him all my life he is one of my great friends and I always had some feeling for him. We flirt and we have the greatest time. The problem is that we both go to college 6 hrs away and we just see each other in the long breaks and in the summer, but now we are both seniors. Anyways he's a shy boy but now that he is in college he's all cool with the girls and I know he's been with girls but more like a fling. When I ask him who he is dating he ignores the question and get all nervous. Personally myself I tried dating but I always think of him and I have mention it to him about boys and he told me twice "you could do better" or "its not the right time to go out with him". With me he gets awkward like when I sit next to him he gets all fidgety and he won't even take a picture with me after knowing each other for years! With other girls he has no problem! I just don't know! I hate it that everyone tells me that they think he likes me and we would make a cute couple. I think he thought I like someone and he asked me if I liked the person and I said no he was only a friend and all he said was ok.


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  • He does like you. If you want him to admit it, you have to be aggressive and let him know how you feel. Things would work since you two are almost done with school.


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