Your date from hell stories?

I'm looking for some good stories. : P

What happened during your worst dates?

My worst was probably when I was 18 or 19. I took a girl out and all went well until the ride back. I had my fathers 88 camaro and tried to be Mr. Cool...Well lets just say, I wasn't. lol I tried to kiss her while driving and ended up loosing control of the car and sideswiping a guardrail. Yep...scraped the whole side of the car and tore a hole in the passengers door. Not a good night for me. lol


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  • lmao! that's pretty bad, got in lots of trouble for it?

    My worst date, I was hanging out with a guy my age who love car sound systems. He picked me up and thought it would be cool to blare the system trying to show it off, and it vibrated so loud it litterally physically hurt. After this, we got to spend the wonderfully hot July day sitting outside of an auto shop, for 6 hours, because he loves cars so much. Then it was time for me to go to work and his car broke down and had to get someone to come get me, almost being late.

    He literally seen I was miserable but kept staying there because he tries to hard to act cool in front of his loser car junkie friends, he kept trying to poke me and tickle me like I was happy.

    He's stupid and it was the worse date ever. And I've had plenty.


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  • Too many -___- usually me who does embarrassing things though.

  • Lol ooo that would have sucked! My worst date gee, I've had heaps! But there was one time when a date and I decided to meet up late for drinks at a local bar (around 10pm) after I finished work. We showed up and there were about 5 people above their 40s! We stayed for 20 min when he realized one of the people there was his teacher from primary school! She came up to us, was drunk and started talking to him. We slowly backed away and left. It was too late to go anywhere else and hoping to have a romantic night, we decided to go to this lookout on a hill where you could see the city lights and the stars! We get up there and I start busting to go to the loo, we go back down the hill to a gas station, where they tell us the bathroom is out of order. Meanwhile I reaaally needed to go, so we went back to the bar, his teacher talks to him again! We leave and again back to the look out on the hill. Whilst we were there it begun to rain heavily so we were sitting in the car keeping each other warm and talking til we realized somehow time had slipped and it was 4am! I told him I had to leave and so he agrees to leave too, starts the car and realizes the battery had died. We call our friends and of course everyone was sleeping at that time! We had no choice but to climb down the hill in the heavy rain, I was wearing a dress and high heels! Freezing, we head toward his house which was the closest. Mind you we both still lived with our parents being 19 back then. We reach his house half an hour later! He takes his mom's car and we go back to the hill to rescue his car! By then it would have been roughly 5am. I was soaked, hair was frizzy, had blisters on my feet from walking down a hill in the mud, stockings ripped and I was muddy everywhere! We looked like we had been to survivor, it was one of many worst dates of mine haha!

    • That's funny. Was there a second date after this? Or nothing at all.

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    • Nice! That's the best way to look at it. Thanks for the story.

    • hehe no prob ;)

  • Haha oh no that sounds awful. Worst date ever; I started kissing the guy I was dating, and my ex happened to be there and was very drunk and jealous, and tried to have a heart to heart with me even though we had broke up four months prior to that. Not even comparable though!


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