Attractive men who date bigger girls?

There's way too many articles online to shuffle through but one thing is clear to me, many more people are accepting of a skinny girl dating a bigger guy than an attractive man dating a big girl.

I'm not saying big as in mammothly huge, I'm saying going by BMI, you're 20% over.

Most of my previous girlfriends were at or slightly below these BMI lines and no I did not date them for their narrow wasteline, in fact some of them had an hour glass shape and a relative bigger rear end, but to the point, I date for personality.

I don't care what other people think but like every human I am affected by what other people say.

Going on 9 months and the words become louder and louder, family and friends are supportive but with an underlining message of " why are you dating a bigger girl "?

I'm sporty and she has made strides, she's lost 15lbs in 2 months, which is good and I'm proud of her. But for several people it's still not enough.

Why the hell is it so important for people to have partners that look good in public? WHY?

I don't need a trophy wife to brag to everyone, I am extreme, some say to the point of arrogant, in terms of confidence. I also do a lot of volunteer work and have undying principles about social values.

When it comes to my romantic life, I need a person I can talk to, be comfortable around and one who will not annoy me or try to bicker.

I've never had one fight/argument with this girl and we may seem like two giggling idiots to outsiders but our harmony is stronger than most, and I say that with experience not blind patrionage for myself.

But the question remains, why can't an attractive man date a bigger girl if she's more beautiful inside than a high majority of dolls people see in magazines and drool over in public?


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  • It's "important for people to have partners that look good in public" because...not many people want to look at fat ugly people. Sad fact, but when was the last time you heard anyone say "hey let's got out and find some fat ugly people."

    If you want to get everyone off your back, simply turn the topic back on them. For example, next time one of your buds asks you why you're dating a bigger girl, just respond by saying "well at least I'm not dating a SLUT!" or something along those lines. And say it a little under your breath, like you didn't really mean to say it out loud, followed by "I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that." Even if their wife/girlfriend is Princess Stepford you'll get them wondering long enough to stop harassing you and start worrying about their own lives.

    • Yeah, problem is I'm not that kind of a**hole. I guess if I'm really pushed I'll tell them what I think but for now I just tell them her personality makes her beautiful.

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  • Is the girl fat/overweight looking, or is it that she's just not fit? Either way you don't have to justify your relationship to anyone. The people who criticize you don't have perfect partners either. Maybe his girlfriend is a size 3 but has slept with 43 guys or has a f***ed up personality. What does it matter, your the one going home to her?

  • mammothly ha ha that made me laugh :)

    you should be with her and ignore people. some people are just stuck in their way and jealousy is an evil thing, they're jealous of what you guys have but don't let that ruin your relationship, it seems to me like you're both completely in love with one another which is what matters most x

    • Yeah I also think it's jealousy, my girlfriend is my best friend and the best lover. I win.

  • ignore them people they are swallow who cares how cute you are in public I just don't understand people and why they care so much about what people think bout them and how things look if she's a damn blimp lol but the sweetest girl in the world and would do anything for you and more of the anything goes type girl I would rather be with her than a megan fox look alike but with the personality of a damn stump lol and who picks at you all the time lol


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  • So, to clarify, do you like her the way she is? Do you like big girls? If not, to everyone else, you look like you ran out of options or have a low self-esteem. If you do, then some might understand better, but everyone's really too judgmental about the whole thing anyway. A lot of people like to SAY personality is what matters most, but they sure don't accept it that way. They need their status quo relationships to feel secure.

    How does she feel about her weight? It's not easy on most girls to be the thicker one in a relationship.

    • Well I think due to her family history she should maintain a healthier weight. As an athlete myself I believe it improves overall well-being. I don't need her to be a size 2, but the weight she had was unhealthy. Personality is huge for me, after that everything else is secondary, but for health reasons I cannot condone her original weight, so I'm helping her as best I can to lose weight at her pace.

      Many of my friends seem to think I shouldn't have even started, that was my point.

  • if you like her date her

  • You can. Do it.