The boy I have been dating told me he has a girlfriend! What do I do now?

I have been seeing a boy for 2 months now... I already had eye-contact with him before, about a year before we started talking we were always looking at each other, EVERY DAY... now it seems the boy already has "some kind of girlfriend" as he calls it himself :S - they are together for more than a year, can you imagine that? he was just staring into my eyes everyday while having a girlfriend waiting for him... I first didn't like him a lot but the attraction between us was rising by all the eye contact... untill one day we started talking and dating.. now is the difficult part, he told me that he actually has a girlfriend, in another town, an hour away from here... I know this is so wrong but I am actually already too attached to this guy to just tell him goodbye :(, I am really sad the last couple of days...we only kissed while dating - very passionate kisses - we did not sleep together... I asked him what he plans on doing or if he plans "having two girls at the time"?!... he told me that´s not what he wants but that he doesn´t know what to do... he tells me it´s difficult and what he feels for both is "different"... what does he mean by different?... between us it´s lots of attraction, when he looks into my eyes I am lost... he is rather a shy guy so it´s really hard to get him to talk about it and it drives me crazy... I so want to forget about him and move on but I can´t... what should I do? how many time should I give him to think about it? I think it´s really sad for that other girl as well, she doesn´t even know what her boy is doing over here... they see each other once a week, and when he is over there it makes me even more sad... actually we see each other also about once a week, and the other days we talk every night by phone/chat for hours... I try just not to bother him too much with it as it will be difficult for him as well, but I don´t now what to do... has anyone been in a similar situation I? any advice? how did you handle this?


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  • You're getting played and you're going to get hurt. I understand your attraction to this guy... but you have to realize you're being used. He's stringing you along and won't dump the other girl because he can get away with seeing you both (and who knows how many other women as well).


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