How to choose between these guys?

So here's the basics: my boyfriend of 5 months just broke up with me 3 weeks ago and now there is three guys that like me.

Should I go out with:

1. S: the nice guy that always wants to make me smile but I also wouldn't get to see very often. He constantly pops up at places I am at and asks me to go to the movies.

2. D: the ex. I dumped him a few months ago ( I have no clue why! ) and he recently got dumped by his girl (for cheeting) who d says he used as a rebound from me. Now...he wants me to go with him, wants my dirty pics, asks me out but I don't know if I can trust him. He is in my classes and goes to my school.

3. J: The other ex. we never actually got to kiss because of external issues that made us break up (nothing to do with "us"). I really do still like him and he sometimes ignores me though (txtwise). I would probably get to see him the most out of these 3 because he lives nearby but I am afraid he is going to be pushy.

I really don't know what to do! I like all of them.

So 2 questions:

a: who would you choose (or advise me to choose if you are a guy)

b: do you think I am a hoe? I flirt with all of them. :/


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  • a) as long as those "external influences" are resolved, I would pick 3.

    if not, I'd pick 1.

    I would never pick 2 even if my life depended on it. He cheated on that girl -- whatever the circumstances, that never excuses cheating. If he was "using" her to get over you, he could have always broken up with her first. Once a cheater, almost always a cheater -- I would never trust him.

    b) you're single -- you're allowed to flirt

    as long as you're not sleeping with all 3 of them, then you're not a hoe


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  • a. Neither

    1. don't get to see him often but he constantly pops up at places you're at? Plus nothing about your feelings towards him

    2. Don't go there unless you're damaged or deficient

    3. Are the external issues still there? What will he be pushy about?

    b. No you're not a hoe just a flirt

    • 1. I'm not sure when I'd get to see him because of parents...but I go to lots of places and he ends up being there. but by the time I find him I neverr get to hang out.

      3. the issues rn't there anymore. and he'd be pushy about wanting more sx and stuff which I don't necessarily want to give.

      :) tanx.

  • I say keep your options open. Maybe something else will come around.