If a guy gives me his number and tells me to text/call him if I want?

This guy added me on Facebook early in the morning after we hung out/made out at a party. Then sent me a message with his number saying I can call or text him if I want. I respond being friendly and giving him mine as well, and I haven't heard from him in 3 days, does that mean he's not interested? Or is he waiting for me to call him?


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  • sound like he was just doing the normal when you meet girls/boys when out on the pull. You have a few drinks at a party kiss a girl ask for her number but don't really expect it to go anywhere. I would give him one more text and if he doesn't reply it wasn't going anywhere

    • Well I haven't texted him yet at all, I just gave him my number back on the message and left it at that. Does it help that he's older and kept saying the entire party that he wanted to date me/was in love with me? lol The situation is a little complicated, he's older than me and works for my parents company. So it's possible he's putting the ball in my court because he doesn't know what I want, but he also may not be interested?

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