How do I get "him"? Help me win him over.

Sixteen, pretty, never been kissed. He is my same grade, 17, and hasn't had a girlfriend, but a handful of flings. He is gorgeous, and I've liked him since freshman uear day me win.him over?:)


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  • Find out what he likes, take an interest in him, show that you care and will listen to what he has to say so that you can have decent conversations with him. I wouldn't dress too provocatively but you do want to get noticed so make a little effort with him. You don't want to become just a friend, that's never nice when you're the one with the crush, so flirt a little, touch him sometimes, on his hand, his arm, brush up against him - just not too much, you don't want to appear clingy or desperate.

    I hope this helped a little :)


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  • HS is never easy because it can be hard to spend time with him, depending on what classes you have together or where you sit in class or what lunch you have.

    Look up other questions on here on how to get his attention. Make him get interested in you by dressing a little slutty for him. This one girl who liked me would wear a skirt then after the lecture when we could all talk and move around she would sit on the to part of her desk (not the chair part) and talk to her friend, she would put her legs toward me and let me get a peek up her skirt. Slutty stuff like that is guaranteed to get a guys attention. Another slutty trick of her is to come ask a question or sometime (like maybe about a homework problem) and then she'll stretch her arms up so her shirt gets pulled up so she can show off her stomach.

    When walking by my row she would accidentally hit rub her ass a little on my arm (the rows of desks were narrow small classroom) so it looked like an accident, but she could've turned the other way. This chick was a master at driving you crazy. She knew every trick in the book.

    Say things to him that give him the idea that you like him, you need to tease him and start touching him somehow. After that he should get the idea to ask you out.


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  • have you ever even spoken to him?

    • Yes. Lotsa classes together say,we are bRely friends. He talksto my,dad a lot because he helps my,dad coach little boy football:)

    • maybe you can also help out with the football, maybe cheer them on, or hand out water, something that will get you closer to this guy

    • Thats a great idea:)

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