Was it a date or was it just friends? He has me confused...

Two years ago I went out with this man (40 y.o.) and we had a great night, kissed etc. However, we lived in different towns and although we continued to have an occasional date where we kissed we distanced.

Long story short we have been in contact and when I was in town we would have some drinks but no kiss or when he was in my town we would get dinner but no kiss.

I told him that I had really liked him and that it felt good to say so even if not reciprocated. He replied that it was reciprocated. However, he never pursues.

Well, I had a job offer that I could not refuse which actually I am now living within 7 minutes of him. He knows this as I told him. I told him this last Sunday that I would like to see him. He than asked me to get drinks last night.

We met in a neutral location and than he drove to the bar/restaurant that we went to. He drove me around and showed me some of his favorite spots that my kids would enjoy. We had a great conversation and nice dinner and a few drinks. He paid.

When he went to drop me off at my car, we sat and talked for a hour. No kiss. However, he did say that next time we get together he has some other places to show me. It sounds nice but previoiusly when he said that he was going to do something---it doesn't happen unless I initiate it. He is very respectful for my time and that I am busy and states he doesn't want to bother even though I say he is not.

Does he sound interested in dating or is it our great friendship the only thingt that he wants? I have revioiusly told him my feelings and that I would like to build a relationship with him.

Thank you!


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  • The men are the chasers. Pull back, stop initiating, and see if he initiates; if he doesn't, then he's just not that into you.

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