How long before you meet a guy from a dating site?

I have been talking to a few guys from dating sites for a month or so now. I know that I will meet them in public places but about how long would you say?

Have you ever met anyone form a dating site?

My friend did it for awhile and she said some guys are okay to meet just as long as they don't want t meet after a couple weeks...then they are creepers. lol

I talked to my friend and what she said is that as long as the guy isn't too eager to meet too soon it should be all good. Which is basically what you guys said. Thanks you guys! If you have any other tips for this kind of stuff please let me know I'm new to it :)


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  • I have met many people online. The best thing to do is chat for a couple weeks and then meet. Obviously in a public place. But its true that you should do it sooner rather than later. Who wants to wait two, three months before meeting the person? And if you are that patient, you may not even have chemistry between both of you. So it's best to do that early. I have met many people but only dated two so far :P You really have to just have fun with it. If you meet someone great, if not, well hey beats sitting at home alone for the night.

    There really are no rules, just do what you are comfortable with and nothing more. If you are serious about meeting someone, create a good profile that really shows who you are. And ask really important questions, like how do you handle uncomfortable situations? Or what has been the most challenging event in your life and how did you over come that? Those are some pretty meaty questions but the way the person answers them really opens their personality up to you :)


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  • You're thinking too much. Most experienced daters will want to meet as soon as possible. Because there is literally no substitute for meeting someone in person. Chemistry online does not necessarily equal chemistry in person. So it's a question of spending time wisely.

    Also if you've been online a while you want to get the f*** away from the keyboard. You just need good judgement with guys. All guys want to f*** you. You just have to find the ones who actually enjoy your company too.

    By waiting months to meet someone you're kinda ruining it. Only the most desperate of men will be that patient


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  • I met my last boyfriend on a chat room. Before meeting we talked every day for hours over the span of 2 weeks. Then we decided to meet after talking on the phone and doing video chat of course. I guess at least 2 weeks is long as you know a lot about the person.

  • I've met some people from online like my "adopted" little bro, lol

    But after at least 2 wks on, I think its alright