Was this a date and is he into me?

We met on a fairly large outdoor trip over a month ago and stayed in constant contact since then. On the trip, we spent a lot of time together talking and he ended up buying me ice cream and giving me the rest of his giant bag of peanuts as I had a long ride home after we separated. We live in different cities but I was visiting his city this past weekend and he agreed to meet me. We grabbed breakfast and it was a lot of fun (he paid). Then...we still wanted to hang out but we didn't know what to do. We walked around aimlessly and then we agreed to go see a movie (again, he paid). I bought us drinks though! Hoorah! He took a subway with me after, but had another commitment so he couldn't bring me to where I was going.

He told me he would try to come to my city later on and that he wished he had more time -- we were together for 5.5 hours that day. He promised that we'd see each other later.

Is he into me...based on this? Was this a date? Hah.


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  • Yeah this sounds like a guy that's into you. Especially if the dudes paying, and so many times. Sounds like he's really likes you if he wanted to spend that much time around you.


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