Should I wait a little longer?

I talked to this guy over the summer and I really got the feeling that he liked me and if you knew the things that he said to me you would definitely agree. He never actually came out and said it but I could just feel it. He would tell me all the time how he couldn't wait to see me once we got moved into school and how we were going to hang out all the time. Well a week before we moved into school he changed his relationship status on Facebook to in a relationship and after I saw that I got really confused so I asked him about it and he told me that he just wanted to be friends and I was like okay that's better than nothing and then he told me that we were still going to hang out at school. I believed him and I was still pretty excited to see him. Well we moved into school two Saturdays ago and I saw him walking around but I didn't say anything to him but I texted him later that day and told him and he was like super anxious to see me. He kept telling me to just come see him real fast and all this other stuff. Well we walked around for a few minutes and that was it. Well for the next few days after that he would text me and say hey but when I would say it back he wouldn't respond. So then there was one day I sent him this really long message telling him that if we were going to be friends we needed to be friends like normal people and that I feel like he just wanted to see me on Saturday to get it over with and I told him that he could talk to me when he knew what he wanted from me. He never responded back but I saw him later that night and he was waving and yelling my name so I thought maybe he got it and understood where I was coming from. Well the last time he texted me was last Tuesday and the last time I texted him was last Wednesday. I was on Facebook the other day and saw that he is now single and now I am kind of waiting to see if he is going to text me but nothing yet. I really want to text him because I don't know what is going on with us. The whole time we talked over the summer he acted like he liked me but then he got a girlfriend and now we are at school where we can hang out but he won't respond to my texts.

I don't know if I should give him another week or two or what but I either want us to be friends or to just say our goodbyes and be done. I don't know if it is okay for me to text him again since I kind of put the ball in his court or if I should wait for him to text me even though I don't think he ever will.

I don't know what to do... Help would be greatly appreciated :)


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  • when you hang out its both of your responsibility to keep the conversation going, maybe he found it hard to talk or what not because you could have been tense or worried or closed off because you were conserned with your image or how you came across (I do it all the time don't worry). I would wait and hang out with him in person and just loosen up and have funn, don't be worried about what you say or anything until you text him again.

    • I thought that too. That maybe seeing each other for the first time in two months made it a little awkward. I just don't know if and more than anything when I should text him. I feel like I should like next weekend since that will be 3 weeks since we saw each other. I don't know 1 of 3 things will happen if I do 1. he won't text back 2. everything will be fine or 3. we will get in a fight. More than anything I just want to know where we stand but I can't find that out if I am too worried to talk to him..

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    • Yea I get you it sucks I know. Yea try that if it doesn't work out then its his loss and another nice but hot guys gain :).

    • Haha exactly :). Thanks for your help!

  • Move on. He doesn't like you the way you want him to. I would just cut my losses and leave it.