How fat is too fat to date or even talk to people?

Alright here's the skinny (harhar), I am not a skinny man. I am pretty sure I suffer from body dysmorphia, at any point I am outside I am constantly ashamed of myself and feel consistently judged by everyone around me. I spend most of my time alone now because going out and being with people is difficult. Now I am not saying that this is how all fat men or fat women act, or that they should act and feel this way, but I do want to know some things about how women and men feel about the opposite gender and weight.

How fat is too fat to date someone, and how much of an effect does personality actually have? I have a figure here, take a look. Copy and paste the link, but remove the spaces. This thing won't let me paste links so I have to do it this way. Here is the figure:

www .halls. md/ bmi/ image s/ figures1 .gif

I would say I am between a 7 and 8. Should I even bother talking to people, let alone the opposite gender? Where do normal people draw the limit? Does personality actually matter at all? I am under the impression that it does not, and I honestly think most people are lying and trying to sound nice when they say they do. So, with that in mind, give your honest answer since if your honest answer is a "shallow" one I'll probably already be expecting it anyway.

Also: I know one solution is to lose weight. I know. I know, everyone knows, I didn't ask about your diet and exercise advice, I don't care. I get that the simple answer to most problems like this is to lose weight. I want to do that but I would rather ask a professional for a personal plan rather than you, a stranger on the internet. Feel free to answer my actual question though.

Thanks in advance.

Also: If personality doesn't matter, why the hell do people say it does?


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  • Working link

    If you're overweight or obese you're too fat for me.

    No amount of personality will change that.

    It seems like for most there is no too fat as obese/overweight guys and girls also have partners.

    Should I even bother talking to people, let alone the opposite gender? Go ahead you're a guy so women are less visual & more forgiving about looks than men

    Where do normal people draw the limit? Nit sure what is normal I draw the line at 5. I won't do 6 - 9. Then again I won't do 1-2 either..too skinny

    Does personality actually matter at all? It matters but there are some girls that can't become physically attracted based on personality

  • It is true, appearance is a part of attraction. The more attractive you are, the easier it is to attract people. However, attractiveness is more than just physical appearance. It's also about how you feel about yourself, and that in turn, will affect how others view you. The happier you are, the more people will be drawn. But I'm not gonna lie and say "Oh, looks don't matter!" because they do to a point.

    How fat is too fat to date someone? Um, I suppose it depends on the individual. People of different weights find relationships.


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