Why did he never call if we were supposed to hang out?

ok this guy and I when out on two days btu after the second date he stopped talking to me

after 3 weeks he decided to call me and ask me if I wanted to do something that night I never called him back

well two weeks later I talked to him at work and he said he was waiting for me to make a move and that he had been really busy with his new manager position at work ... and baby sitting too

well I asked him if he wanted to hang out that weekend and he said yes ... well he flirted and then he said he would be there for to keep me company

we were supposed to hang out Friday ...well I called him around 6 to ask if he still wanted to hang out he returned my call at 8 something saying he had food poisining and he asked if we could hang out Saturday ( the next day) I said yes. then he said well I'll call you during the day and he never called ...

then Monday at worked I noticed how he was looking at me

and Tuesday accidently we rand into each other

he didn't even look at me he kept walking straight ( I tried to smile) now he doesn't even look at me

what is going on? is he not interested?


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  • Most likely he's not interested.

    It's possible he changed his mind after your reaction to his food poisoning. If you weren't caring or interested he could have decided you were too dismissive. And after waiting for you to make the movr the first time he just thought you weren't any more effort.


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  • Maybe something happened and he feels bad about it or something?

  • He's not interested and he just doesn't know how to tell you like a coward. Sorry :(