Dating someone disabled?

hey guys and girls. say you were dating someone who had a disability that wasn't noticable to people in everyday life but impacted their life on a daily basis. They didn't like people knowing about it for fear that they would be treated differently. Would you be angry if they only told you about it after a while, say a few months? Would you leave them? When would you like to be told if you e=were in such a situation?


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  • A few months is fine, it means before anything serious they would like me to now.I would be upset that they haven't told me but happy they trust me with something like that. Don't leave them help them through it. If you liked this person you would show them you care by sticking around and helping them accept who they are.


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  • I wouldn't leave them, lol, but I would be a little bit upset, a few months is a little much.

    • how long would you say isn't too much?

    • Max a month, I need to know what I'm up against, I don't like venturing in knowing nothing at that point.

    • fair enough, thanks.

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  • If they told me after a few months I might be pretty pissed. All the skeletons in the closet need to come out before we start dating. I would be really mad, but I don't think I would leave them. It all depends on what type of disability they have.

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