How do you casually date more than one person?

Hi, I broke up with my first boyfriend a few months ago, it was a long and serious relationship. I've dated a few people since him but I'm getting an insane amount of attention and I don't know how to handle it basically.

There are lots of guys who are interested in me and I like four of them, but I don't know any of them enough to choose which I like best. I'm not ashamed of sex or dating them but somehow it seems crazy to date four guys?

1-I have slept with, he works at my favorite restaurant

2-lots of flirting but nothing physical, but talks of it

3-a friend of a friend- I'm gonna be set up on a date with him

4-is away traveling but we are going on a date when he gets back

1 and 3 are the less likely of the four to turn into anything, should I just forget about them and focus on 2 and 4?
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im just worried ill not get to know the guy who is actually right for me because I didn't get to know then as a person first.
How do you casually date more than one person?
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