What should we do on our first date?

We have a problem Houston!

The day before yesterday I was out at a bar with two friends, and I met this EXTREMELY cute sort of geeky guy. We didn't really "click", although he was very sweet and funny. However, he got my number and texted me yesterday and asked me out. I said yes, because he is just so PRETTY! We decided to meet up next week. AND NOW TO THE PROBLEM!

What should we do on our first date?! I have no clue! I don't want to do anything boring and mainstream like go to a coffee shop or go to the movies. And I don't want to do something too "creative" (LET'S GO SKYDIVING, YAY) either! So, what to do? Please help me! And please have in mind that this guy is sort of shy and comes across as a bit of a "geek" (though a hot one).


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  • So for my first date with this guy yesterday I actually made food and we went to the park and had a picnic. I know it sounds childish, but it was really sweet and we had fun. You could do something similar to, like you guys can pick up food and go to a park, (make sure there is a playground), and get to know each other and have fun with it. Relaxed situations are easier to get to know someone, and talking about your childhood is always fun, especially to see what he has to say. Good luck!

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