Tried texting but no answer?

Pretty simple question. I tried texting this girl I like a few days after getting her number - and she never responded. Question is: try again by sending another text message? Or take it as a sign and move on? Opinions?

Thanks everyone!


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  • After just one text? Nah, you're good. She probably forgot or got distracted or something. That doesn't mean she isn't interested. After all, she did give you her number. Don't give up so easily, okay? Text her every two or three days. Any more might get annoying. And if she continues to not text back then whatever. She's probably not worth your time then. Also, don't always ask her if she got your previous text. That could get annoying too. Just say something like, "Hey, what's up?"

    Good luck!

    • Thanks =D

      That's actually not the answer I expected. I am a somewhat pessimistic person, so I figured I should drop it and not come off as being creepy. I sent a message yesterday just asking what she was up to (sort of try to lead into asking if she was free this weekend). Maybe tomorrow for a second try. I'll run into her again on Tuesday anyways so one way or the other I'll figure out whether I should keep trying or not (I hope lol)

    • (Well I guess it may go with some clarification about how I got her number. I treated it like a really casual statement of "Hey, I realized I don't have your number". According to other people they noticed her kinda watching me a while after that happened but, I like to play things safe instead of assuming)

    • Good luck. Don't let yourself be discouraged so easily. Ask her to hang out when you get the chance, or even ask her out on a date. (:

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  • Usually the girl plays hard to get. If she doesn't text back in 3 days or so then she might not be interested or got what glaceon said she's probably distracted. I wouldn't text her over and over again until she answers though. Next time I would try calling and leaving a message after getting a girls digits.

    • Yeah, I figure I should probably just call...but to tell the truth I'm a bit of a chicken and feel awkward on the phone if I feel the conversation is going south. I thought I might shoot another text today and if nothing happens - oh well. Either way I will run into her on Tuesday so I might get a chance to figure out if she would answer if I did try calling.

      I have no intention of texting repeatedly as that's obviously creepy...So I actually had the idea of just leaving it be for now...idk

    • Ok goodluck