Guys, would you not date/marry a divorced girl?

Just wondering for a guy (specially from an Asian background), is the girl been divorced could be an issue? Will you just stop liking a a girl because she is divorced? Will it be an issue for a guy culturally and that he family will let him down for marrying a divorced girl?

Just to add, even if you are a good person and made a mistake in life. That means a divorced girl is to be alone her whole life and guys will keep letting her down just because of her been 'divorced'?

The girl was only married for a short period (made a mistake) and no there are no children and it was actually no proper marriage. But since it was a legal marriage she had to get a divorce. But some guys just won't like her just because of her 'marital status been divorced'.

Like I said before, the marriage was not a 'real' one. It was a short one and basically was just a marraige done on a legel paper. But even the guy knows this will he still dump/reject the girl?

And also won't a divorced girl have a chance to remarry again because all guys keep rejecting her just becauseo f this?
Girls please I need your answers as well. What to do think about all from your point of view ladies?


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  • doesn't concern me at all

    but it does to a lot of people who live in more conservative societies...

    so I would say it depends upon culture to culture

    but I guess...tht kind of a mentality is utter bullsh*t...

    f*** the didn't last


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  • if she's divorced she's single, meaning available. and that's that.

  • Im not Asian but I prefer to have a relationship with an unmarried girl just because if we do get married I want us both to experience the excitement of the first marriage together. if I absolutely love the girl I won't care if she is divorced or not but I probably won't wont start a relationship with a divorcee if that makes sense :P

    • @update, for me its not really judging a girl or not likeing her. If we do marry some day, I want it to be a special first time for both of us that's all. If I find that a girl and I are really compatable or we have really good chemestry I would be willing to have a relationship with her though

  • i don't know about other Asian man, but I don't mind dating someone who's gone through divorce. I was never married. I guess I'm not exactly a typical Asian guy since I'm not planning a marriage or having kids whatsoever. I know my parents wouldn't be happy about it but I have gained strong trust that they will support me for whatever race or background she's from. My dad don't really care if I don't get married at all but my mom does.


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