Is it normal to be 18 and to have never been on a real date or had a girlfriend?

I'm 18 and am not too good at flirting and don't have a whole lotta girls that are friends either. Plus when I was 15 I had cancer and the couple years after that I just didn't think a girl would like a guy that was bald or with thin hair. But for the past year and a half I've been back to normal with slightly thin hair still but w/e I still feel odd not to have had a date or girlfriend yet wasn't sure if others are in the same boat as me or at one point had been, the not having a date/girlfriend part, not necessarily the cancer part.


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  • nothing wrong with that, you just have to start talking to them, you'll meet some that will love/appreciate you for who you are


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  • When you say normal you're setting a standard when there are none. There are many many guys who's never dated until your age or later.