When will be the right time to kiss her?

I've been going out with a girl from my school that I start talking to through Facebook. Later on we started text and we have became good friends since we first started talking (Which was about 2 months ago). We went out once this summer and we have seen each other multiple times. We were going go out again but she got sick and we couldn't go. I really like her but I don't feel we are ready for a relationship right now because I think we should get to know each other better and to generate enough love from each other to begin a strong and solid relationship. The problem is that she told me she had a dream were we kiss. I'm sure she like me and I like her too but I was wondering if I can let her know I feel the same by kissing her but without starting a relationship yet. I don't want to sound like the type of guy that use the hit and run strategy, I'm not like that, but I just want to know if what I'm talking about is possible. Please feel free to answer and you can judge me any way you want. I won't get offended. After all is part of the freedom of speech. Thanks for your time and help.


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  • Kissing is really nerve-wracking when you're not in a solid relationship.. You might confuse her if you really have one of those "romance novel" kisses. She'll think you're leading her on if you do something like that..

    Obviously, she likes you.. She probably wants a relationship as most women would in this predicament. As small as a kiss is, it can cause a lot of problems & possibly cause arguments between you.

    If I were you.. I'd bring up the relationship subject in a subtle manner to see what she really thinks about having a relationship. Be sure to be honest, but be SUBTLE & KIND when talking to her about this, it can be a very sensitive subject..

    Maybe you should hold-off on the kissing as of now until you figure things out. Maybe you'll want a relationship with her later on.


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