He asked if I had kissed anyone before...?

So on Friday a couple of friends came over and this guy who I knew but didn't talk to much came too...we went for some ice to the kitchen and we started talking and he asked me if I had ever had a boyfriend...I told him I had never and he was kind of surprised and he asked me if I had had a summer fling or something and I told him I kind of did and he asked me if there was a kiss...I told him there wasn't so he said it didn't count...then he asked me if I had ever kissed anyone before and I went like mmmm no...he said he didn't believe me because I took too long to answer...we were kind of flrting all night, he touched my hair when we were seated on the sofa, tried to grab my hand, etc. One of my guy friends kept asking me if I wanted them to leave us alone...When he left he gave me a really long hug and a kiss on the cheek and told me he didn't want to leave me alone with all the guys but I told him it was fine...when he was saying goodbye to my guy friend he whispered him something but my guy friend wouldn't tell me...

What do you think about this guy?


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  • he prob said tell me what she does after I leave or try to hook us up


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