Just a normal one night stand?

OK basically we met in a club and danced for ages. then we took a small group of us back to mine and had a party. we spoke for ages then went up stairs, and got it ON. ha ha anyway, we kissed and stuff once it was over and cuddled and then did it again, then went to sleep, in the middle of us doing it my two mates came in (there guys had just left straight after doing it), and they were like messing around and stuff was hilarious and he was saying how we are all crazy and they're really sound.

in the morning I went to the toilet I came back up stairs and he said good morning beautiful and pulled me back into bed and just held me, after a while we did it again. this time it was just us in the house and he stayed for hours and we just talked about everything and had ice cream. he left to catch his train and kissed me goodbye about 3 times.

all night he was saying how adorable I was and how he couldn't believe id only been with one other guy and he kept taping me on the cheek and just saying how cute I was with my wee freckles.

is this a normal one night stand or was it a little more than that?

we were talking about how I'm leaving and going to be a poor student and he sed I should get myself a rich boy friend then not long after brought up how much money he makes. he had no phone battery but he sed he would fine me on Facebook, which he did. I haven't had the chance to speak to him yet..


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  • Idk you gotta follow up on him. Try going on a date with him and DON'T have sex. If he avoids you or only wants sex then yes it was just a one nighter

    • I agree with this. Definitely keep in touch with this guy and see if he'd be open to a sex-free hangout session. It sounds like he genuinely likes you, though.

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  • really not normal one night stand xD

    wish you the best with that guy =)

    hate romantic stuff xD but that sounds relly sweet! have fun

  • Not its not a normal one night stand...I hope there will be many more upcoming night like this for a year or so and after that God know. So where are you from?


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  • Doesn't sound like the normal one night stand but, we won't know until he calls you

    • he added me on Facebook last night.