Will we get to date anytime soon?

This girls I met recently is amazing! She's nice, intelligent, beautiful and always smiling ++++ =).

I asked her out the other day, but because she has just ended a long relationship, she told me she needed some time to think.

Her last boyfriend cheated on her and she has problems trusting guys.

She did mention I am a really nice guy and a gentlemen, and we should just get to know each other as friends and (when she gets to trust me) "maybe something could end up working" (her words).

1) Is this a nice way of saying NO (and I should back off) or should I just wait until she is comfortable with me?

2) Should I just ask her to go out just the two as friends and do activities like bowling and other stuff? Until she feels that she can trust me?

I just don't want to wait too much, as every time we go out, a million guys hits and flirts with her. And I don't want to lose my chance.

This might help you make a decision to my question:

3) We've been out a couple of times, movies, birthdays, but not as a date. The fact that we did go out just us two mean she could possibly want something in the future?

The other day we went out to a club/bar, I got to dance with her and we were really close, my hands on her hips, etc.

I just didn't want to go for a kiss, as I want to make sure she into me also.

Help would be great, thanks in advance.


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  • This is what I think...

    1.Way of saying that there is a possibility of you two dating in the future.

    2.Ya that would be a good idea,ask her if she wants to hang out,Also I think you just need to play it cool,be relaxed about this,let things go natural,If she really likes you and if she do have problems trusting guy,i believe there is a better chance of her choosing to date you than them.

    3.Or she just likes hanging out with you?Don't think too much into it.

    Looks like she may like you,just let things go natural bro,hope things work out for ya!

    • Awesome answer! Thanks, I hope it works out too!

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