First date!!! I need some help!

So I'm going out with this gorgeous girl this Saturday and I was wondering if me bringing flowers would be to much.. I've know her for a week now, and if not what kind to bring?


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  • If I went out with a new guy, a big bouquet of flowers would be too much. Maybe just one flower would be cute :) Don't stress

    • I agree with this. One flower is enough to show you are interested but not more than what has to be. I would also suggest a Lunch date as it is casual, and if everything goes well, you can make it a dinner date too.

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  • My boyfriend brought me a scarf on our first date - which was a hike in the winter. I thought it was sweet and thoughtful.

    I think the same could be said with flowers. Sweet and thoughtful; it'll make her feel special. For the first date though, I'd bring her only one flower. You'd probably get extra brownie points for getting her something other than a rose or a carnation too...


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  • Don't do it. They act like they'll love it, ad they do, but it makes them think they've already got you and they need the chase otherwise they get bored, like they're 4 year olds. Remember: you're the man. She's the one proving she's worthy of you. If you send a signal different from that she'll think you're not a high value guy. Save flowers until after you've slept with her. Learn from my mistakes.

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