How do I find a date?

I go to an all girls college next to a big coed university. I don't know how to meet people and stay friends with them and then date them! how/where do I meet this people? I guess leaving my campus more often would help, but I am SO busy. That's kind of why I chose to go here in the first place. I knew I'd have a lot of on my plate academically, but I kind of want to date someone now... where do I find him?


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  • Walk up to a guy and ask him out. Repeat until you get a yes.

    • nooo way! do you think that would work? that would be so embarrassing! ha ha yet very very simple haha

    • do you think that would work

      ^ depends on how attractive & interesting you are

    • haha idk! I think I'm attractive and interesting, doesn't mean everyone else does!

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  • Anyhow. At least, try not to spend so much time on GAG and go out instead! The most important thing about meeting new people/finding a person to date is to socialize yourself!

    • I'm totally shy and antisocial!

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    • hahaha alright, one day I will probably try this! I just have to get to that point where I really think it's necessary haha

    • ok.. good luck :)

  • Bars?