Where to meet for first time?

Mtg guy living far away after e-mails and tel convs. Asked for suggestions for mtg and mentioned my city. He asked whether I've been to city #3 no closer to him than my city.

How do I respond 1) yes, why do you ask or what do you have in mind 2) yes, and my city has x like city #3, 3) suggest beachside adventure available at my city but not city #3, or 4) something else?

City #3 is 2 hrs from me, so far to drive home from a dinner date if that's what he has in mind. Help?

  • Yes, why do you ask or what do you have in mind
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  • Yes, and my city has x like city #3,
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  • Suggest beach side adventure available at my city but not city #3,
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  • Something else
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  • Go with number 1 and 2. Combine the two together in a smooth way because it'll most likely be a date of some sort which will include dining with one another. Number 3 can be good it just depends on how you're feeling and especially his. If it's really hot outside then absolutely try and aim for the beach! Splashing water on each other can be pretty fun. He might give you a sunblock massage if you signal it to him. But most likely I'd go with number 1 and number 2 mixed together.

  • What the f*** is mtg? o.o why must people abbreviate everything these days especially thing not so common.

    And I'm really not sure what you're asking... I guess if you really wanna show you're interested A. If you wanna be selfish and make him do the major traveling (if he is) then B.

    • I think it means meeting. It took me awhile to get that abbreviation.

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    • I'm sorry, I meant meeting as in meeting for the first time after having communication limited to e-mail and telephone conversations. Sometimes I run out of space and try to use abbreviations to get all of the content in. I just really wanted to have space for the options part. I'm really open to #D - something else, but I can't think of anything else right now.

    • Ah, I see. Well just talk with him about it.

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