Do you have any bad kissing stories?

What are some bad kissing stories? What did the other person do wrong to make the kiss bad?


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  • omg there was this one guy that basically slobbered in my mouth and it was so frigging gross ugh fml

    • Too much spit entered your mouth?

    • WAY too much... he basically drooled in my mouth

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  • he was older than me, more than I've ever kissed I'm my life and I'm not one to complain about kissing a smoker but having a f** then kissing. I felt like I just licked an ash tray. plus... I didn't have time to take my seat belt off so I was pinned in the seat and couldn't move. bad experience!

  • When I had braces, I hooked up with guy with braces they got stuck together and I had to tell my mom... we had to go to the hospital.


What Guys Said 1

  • yeah, first time I kissed a girl, I accidentally bit her bottom lip, come on it was so soft and it was my first kiss.

    Another time, I was kissing this girl so hard, our front teeth were rubbing against each other, that freaking hurt.

    Oooh this one time, the same girl which I rubbed teeth with, burped into my mouth. That was just foul and nasty tasting, what ever she ate it was nasty hahahaha.

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