Why would he abruptly stop texting in the middle of texting me without saying goodbye?

OK let's start from the top. Me and this guy have gotten serious and he's told me several times how much he loves me and how much I mean to him and I the same. Well about four days ago... for some dumb reason I mention to him that I am bi and normally this is a turn on to guys but some how I feel that I freaked him out. After I texted this... he got really quiet. Well I sent him a text back saying Why so quiet? He text back Just thinking? Then like 5 minutes later he text me... "So you think I want to sleep with other girls?" I text him no that I wasn't saying that. Well after this he got really quiet extremely quiet and no more texts and I haven't heard from him in 4 days. Just to let you know that he visiting people and has a crappy phone so not much of signal. I keep hoping that it is because of his phone but something in my gut is telling me that I won't hear from him again. I haven't really text him much since except for maybe good morning I miss you. Just to let him know that I am thinking of him. Other than that I have made sure that I haven't blown up his phone. Trust me that is a plus with me. I'm learning and I do not do that to him. Normally I text him and if he texts me I carry on conversation with him . If he doesn't text me back I don't text him anymore on that day. I hoping that it is just because he doesn't have a signal... but I have a feeling I won't hear from him anymore. Please I need a guys opinion because I'm afraid that I am losing the one guy that I care so much about over something dumb and something that was in my past and that I wouldn't do anymore. Help. I'm freaking out and I don't want to suffocate him with texts and phone calls.


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  • Being so serious, it was odd that he would be so freaked by your sexuality. It's not a big deal and doesn't reflect on your feelings toward him.. So, who knows?

    Maybe you should wait a week without contacting him at all. Act like it's nothing to you.

    Then after a week has passed, send a gentle text asking if he's upset with you or something like that. If he replies, talk it out. Explain that your sexuality has absolutely NOTHING to do with your love for him. Ask him if he's freaked out, let him share his feelings.

    I have communication problems with.. well, EVERY SINGLE GUY I've ever liked. I know it's rough, brah..


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  • It looks as though he has a real problem with the bi thing. It is hard enough for a guy to impress a good woman with all the male competition he has to deal with. Add to that the fact that he has to compete with women as well... that's not good.

    If my girlfriend was bi, I would feel that no matter what I could offer you as a man, it would never be enough for you because you would also be interested in other women. As a man, I can compete against men for your attention, but I have no way to compete against women. A hopeless situation, one that I would simply not want to deal with.

    So the relationship would be doomed to fail.

    • nope hun the dog actually did chew his phone up lol

  • ok I didn't read your -whole- question but maybe he ran out of line, credit, battery, or maybe his girlfriend showed up, or his mom or you know, just anything,


    • well I would def hope it's not his girlfriend cause that would be a disaster because he'd be dead meat.

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    • lol... yeah... right xD

      nice it worked, peace.

    • nope nothing worked it was the truth so yeah ... whatever

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  • Some guys... when they love the girl they are with... feel threatened with bi women cause they feel that not only do they need to compete with other men but women as well. The thought of another woman knowing how to fondle you better... must in a way freak him out. I have many guy friends and the ones that don't like bisexual women have that opinion.

    • this also makes sense ... even though he doesn't have to compete just be himself that's all