Should I text him first this time or wait it out?

After this guy and I met one night, he sent me a Facebook message with his number saying I could call him if I want. A few days later I sent him a text and he seemed happy to hear from me. We texted for a while, and the convo ended because he didn't answer my last text.

The next morning he initiated with me, we texted for a while, and again it ended by him not answering. The next evening he initiated again, we texted for a while, and it ended once again by him not answering. Now it's been almost 2 days without a text and I'm wondering if I should initiate, or wait it out since it's always him that doesn't reply?


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  • he wants to see if your intrested by seeing if you will text him first

    • I'm very interested, and I would've texted first if he wasn't the one to always cut the convo off by not answering.

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    • Idk I guess I just see it as, if he knows that I was the last to respond and he chose not to answer me, why would he wait around for me to initiate again instead of just doing it himself? I like him but I don't want to chase a lost cause.

    • Yea I see what your saying but it wouldn't hurt to initiate once or twice even if you were the last to respond

  • Text first.

    • Even though he's been the one to just stop replying every single time?

    • Thing it's when a convo dies out sometime it gets to that should I shouldn't I send a text back to this. Unless it was a clear question he just ignored then no.

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