Rebound or New Girlfriend?

My friend just broke up with his girl and I don't want him to play me as his rebound. His ex lived in another state, and he got tired of going to see her and there issues, but they still talk on the phone.

When he called me last weekend and told me they broke up I acted as I cared and told him I was sorry, but he said he basically didn't care for her.

I told him that I was going to give him a couple of weeks to get over her, but he replied by saying that he could meet other girls in that time frame and did I need a couple of weeks to let go who I been seeing.

Am I trippin? or am I his rebound?


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  • Sounds like a rebound. He said he would date other girls during the time he had to wait for you? Ignore him. He wants something easy obviously. His girlfriend being in another state was too much for him and he got tired of it so he wanted something he could get quick.

    Don't let him even have the option of playing you,if he honestly wanted you for more then he would wait for you.I'm sure there's someone out there who is right for you,and you deserve better but I don't think this guy is the one.He even said he didn't care about his girlfriend at all,so if he didn't with her he might not with you.

    • Right on the money - high pressure sales pitch plus an admission that he didn't care about his (barely) ex-girlfriend. Doesn't sound like a keeper to me.

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