We still haven't gone on that date yet. Stupid boy is stupid.

There's this guy I really like. We've hung out, played video games, watched Gundam, and we even cuddled once. I decided I'd ask him on a date to the movies. He said yes but he was busy for the next while. I told him to let me know when he would be available. A few days later during a text conversation between us, he asked if we could do something more special because going to the theaters is lame and cliche and he really likes me. Then he said he wanted to say (or text, I guess) that he really likes me a lot. Apparently he can't remember a time being more comfortable than when he is around me.

Bull. Freaking. sh*t. It’s been probably around 2 weeks since I first asked him on a date and we still haven’t gone on that date yet (we ended up deciding on going to dinner because apparently that isn’t cliché. lolnoob.) . Normally that wouldn’t bother me because, hey, he did say he was busy. The other day I was all, la la la checking his Facebook wall. This other girl (who I’m pretty sure likes him too) posted on his wall asking him to play video games with her sometime. He replied that yeah sure he was free whenever.

Um, excuse me? What a stinky dumb jerk face. D: So how should I proceed? I’m thinking I could just ignore it, giving him the benefit of the doubt and wait for him to text me, or I could text him asking when this date is gonna happen. Or I could reply to that wall post something like, “ ‘Free whenever?’ That’s not what you told me.”

Opinions on any of these approaches would be appreciated, as would alternative approaches.

Oh, and also I think it may or may not be important to mention that he is one of those shy, geeky guys who plays video games all day. He has little to no experience with relationships.

So yeah. Thank you for your time!


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  • Challenge the other girl for a duel in a game! Prove your superior :D

    i joke :p.. he probavly forgot about it.. video games took over his memory(this happens.. I forget about stuff.. but I remember after a while.. because I play sh*tloads of PS3 :( ).. but since its been 2 weeks you can try and make him remember about that dinner you guys talked about

    you had to make the move on asking him to go to the movies.. so reminding him that dinner won't be so dificult..

    hope I made sence.. its 4AM here :D

    • Hahahah thank you for answering. Everything you said makes sense. ^^

  • He sounds intimidated by the fact its a date. Playing video games is no big deal, any girl could go over to his house just to play games and he'd probably be fine with it. But if that same girl was like "hey lets go out on a date," he might turn into a frightened mess.

    Forget the date thing, continue hanging out with him casually and see if he comes around.

    • Thanks for your answer (: The thing is, I've asked him to just casually hang out a few times before I asked him on a date. He was "busy" then too.

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    • In that case, I'd probably forget the whole date thing, unless he brings it up. That way if he is just exploiting your attention for his own ego, he no longer has that option without putting forth interest/effort himself. Unfortunately, even nerds and geeks can play girls if given the opportunity.

      I'm not positive that's what's happening, but it is a possibility.

    • Alright, thank ya very much ^^

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