Mixed messages!!! desperately need help!

I've been talking to this guy for almost 2 years and there is 3 years difference between us, I'm 18 and he's 21. he first started flirting with me 2 years ago nd we would talk on a daily basis for 4 months then he got a girlfriend who was closer to him in age and was with her for about a year and a half. we didn't talk during that year nd a half. and as soon as he broke up with her (this past may) he started talking to me non stop again but I wasn't interested in being his rebound. now 4 months later, I went out for coffee with him just as friends but I found it weird that he would rarely make eye contact with me. He was saying that he's planning on being single for a while, then he'd compliment me on what a great person he thinks I am. And not even a week after we went for coffee I saw him at a party and he talked to me but still would make little eye contact. The weirdest thing is that he asked my friend for her number right in front of me. Also, his 2 older brothers kept staring at me the whole night, I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not. but before I left he asked for a hug and when we would go out for coffee again. I just have no idea what to think of this situation :s


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  • I think you shouldn't mess with this dude,It is cool to be friends but...dating him is a no.

    • why do you say dating is a no?

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    • now that he's been in a messy relationship do you think its possible for him to change nd to learn from his mistakes or just go back to his old habits?

    • There is a possibility but I doubt that he will change,I say,Just be friends with him,and if you really believe/see that he is changing or trying to change then you can try to turn that friendship into a relationship.

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  • Since I'm not a guy, I don't think I can give the best answer. The part at the party reminded me of a movie scene where the guy is always telling his friends that he "hooked up" with some girl. Don't get me wrong - that may not be the case.

    If I had to make an educated guess, though, I would say that he likes you. I don't know him, but maybe he's the shy type, especially around girls he really likes. Getting your friends number in front of you just tells me that he's trying to make you jealous. It's crazy, but some guys are like that. :)