Why is a guy still asking me to go on a date even if?

he's told me he just wants to be friends? this is after I chose to date someone else besides him. why must it be this way? I 'm willing to do anything.

I just admited to him that I have feelings for my guy friend however when I was with my boyfriend ( a few months ago ) that was a few months ago. I only recently have been more flirty with him. He just admited 'sorry I don't see you in that way as in loving me, he doesn't love me'


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  • So he told you that he wanted to be just friends AFTER you turned him down for another guy? And you believed him?

    He did it for two reasons:

    1) to save face, and

    2) to stay in the game.

    Yes, he likes you and no, not just as a friend. He was hoping that, if he stuck around long enough, you'd see some side of him and think "gee, maybe I should give him another chance".

    I don't agree with the general mantra that guys and girls can't be friends because sexual attraction gets in the way. I have a few girl friends that I have been friends with for ages and have zero sexual attraction to, but would do anything for. However, for the most part, it ends up holding true. That's not to say that you can't be friends with guys, but you do have to accept that, no matter what you say, they will probably have some degree of sexual attraction to you.

    • You're either gay or you are lying. Any girl who has guy friends is an idiot. And any guy who chooses to date a woman who has guy friends is also an idiot. There is no way that I'm going to date a woman who is getting calls on the phone from other guys. NO WAY.

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    • A real man wouldn't put up with other guys call his woman anyway so I know you are a little coward. And you are giving this girl bad advice and it's not cool. Because I guarantee that if this girl does run into a real alpha male who is the man of her dreams, he's not going to stand for other guys calling her and being with her. You're just some weak beta male. I've seen guys like you. I take your women all the time.

    • Kid, you've got a lot of growing up to do. What you've done so far is parrot the millions of PUA books & videos out there (not to mention a few pro-wrestlers). That low-rent, "I'm da man" crap works for one night stands, but as you get older and wiser, you'll learn that that it doesn't work in the long run. If you have to "tell" your woman something, she obviously ain't your woman, and if you have to tell the world how alpha you are, then you obviously ain't alpha.

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  • If you have guy friends, you are asking for trouble. I don't know why so many girls choose to have guy friends. LOL. You do realize that having guy friends is pretty much going to destroy all your relationships. Right? Once the dating boyfriend finds out how many guy friends you have, he's going to leave. And if he doesn't leave, he's probably only going to be after one thing.

    • really? is it true? SO even if a guy tells me he want to be friends does that mean he has other intentions in the back of his head?

    • Well, the problem with having guy friends is this. Lets say you find the man of your dreams and he finds out that you have guy friends, do you think he's going to stick around once he finds that out? I highly doubt it. But if you like playing that game, then go right ahead just don't be surprised if you end up miserable.

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  • maybe he just doesn't want you with anyone else