I'd like to date interracially?

I've always found myself attracted to black guys. I can't find a reason why. It's just a natural attraction. So , I'm thinking of starting to date interracialy. So, I was wondering your thoughts and opinions on interracial dating. personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. as long as you're happy and comfortable.

are any of you dating interracially? do you like it? give me your advice and opinions.

thanks. :)

The racist comments from the anons are pretty ridiculous...


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  • Here's the thing..some guys are being racist and not very informative but there is some truth to it. While you will be able to find some good black guys they are a very rare minority. Most black guys which most girls tend to be interested in are the "thug" type who don't have anything going for them and will probably spend the rest of their lives working 9-5 at a crappy job. They won't stand out now because you are all young and they just seem cooler but what you don't realize is that they will not see higher education as being "cool" either and will probably spend most of the time smoking and drinking while listening to vulgar rap music. I'm just being honest and I'm sure you will find people from other ethnicities who are the same but not nearly as much as blacks, its their thing. The same people are also known to be very disrespectful to women and its the "bad boy" act that draws young girls like you to them. If you want to go that path go ahead but it probably won't be good for you overall and you will end up with a bad future with people judging you all around for it, including your family members. Good luck with whatever you would like to do...


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  • Dating interracially is cool but limiting yourself to a certain kind of people limits your options a lot. A study done on the website ocupid actually showed that people choose people who fit the criteria of shared interests and desired personality traits. When you limit yourself to one race you are just excluding a whole bunch of people hence making your chance of finding the one much smaller.

    • @update. Don't listen to the racist a**holes..probably some sociopaths who can't get girls so they blame black dudes, and no I'm not black

    • thanks, :) I appreciate it.

  • It's unfortunate that people avoid interracial dating for the simple fact that they don't want to be judged.

    If you can get around that then I'm sure it could be a very empowering experience. Live life the way you want to live it, be the person you want to be, and most importantly- have fun.

  • One of the forbidden topics on GAG. Especially since a handful of guys on GAG are so insecure when it comes to the most threatening man to the white man, the black man(Sarcasm). In all seriousness though, be careful out there. A lot of the hood black guys love the innocent curious naive girls from the suburbs. Easy to take advantage of they think. IMO, just stick the the ones with less swag and more substance. The ones that BW often overlook or ignore.

    • wait. I didn't know you were Canadian. Scratch some of that what I said.

  • hey, were all the same species and we all like to do hot chicks like yourself. You should have no problem finding a black guy if that's what you like

  • Were Canadian... So long as you don't go running around f***ing your black mate on a public beach in Newfoundland no one will care.

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  • i don't think that you should date a black guy just cause you want to date interracially,if you meet a guy that you like-date him,don't date someone cause he's a certain color and don't NOT date someone cause of their color

  • Trying to draw out some trolly responses after your answer to a similar question the other day? Well done!

    • I for one don't see what the big deal is. Just go with whoever you like who likes you. Do you have a particular guy in mind?

    • I TOLD you you'd get some trolly responses! Hee hee!

    • yeah, just haters being haters.

  • not a big deal.

    ive dated outside my race before, was cool.

    but as others have said above me...ignore the pea-brained people who have negative things to say about it.

  • I am attracted to black guys too.

    WhO cares? Just do what YOU like.

  • i'm OK with it. it's a nonissue


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