The obvious signs are there that he likes me. Why would he leave me hanging?

At the beginning of the month my friend and I spent 2 weekends together and last weekend we were suppose to get together and he never showed up nor called to tell me that he couldn't make it. I got mad and I haven't tried to talk to him since then. I haven't seen him since last Wednesday, all the obvious signs were there that he likes me and now we aren't talking. I was thinking maybe he stood me up because I went out of town the weekend before last weekend and did not ask him to come with me. I miss him and I do not want to text or call him because he might not pick up or text back. What should I do?


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  • that happened to me too, a guy liked me and I got all excited and liked him too then when I started texting him to hang out he disappeared its like wth! I don't know from experience I've learned that these type of guys have committment issues and freak out because they don't wanna get serious and they like the idea of liking a girl but when it comes down to business in dating and getting to know the girl they panick and just distance themselves, simply because theyre not ready or theyre too scared of getting attached

    i think you should let it go and let him come to you if he's ready, don't make the same mistake I made by texting him a lot because he will think your clingy desperate, and in reality I don't see myself in that category at all, I just genuinely really liked him and wanted to be his friend at the same time, I'm not the one to play the game to keep things interesting I just wanna be real and have a good time, and if a guy doesn't get that then screw him. its his loss because he missed out on having a good friend and girlfriend who really admired him and liked him for him.

    • Yea that's all true what you said. I don't try to text or call him much, simply because I don't want to look needy, clingy, and desperate. He knows I like him too. We are really close friends and been friends since we were younger. I'm just simply going to let him come to me. I got some of his stuff I've had for a week and I know he'll be over to get it.Then last week was the time we really texted a lot and it all quit, he was either texting me first or me texting him. Thanks for your reply!

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    • He left his ipod here and his music he made. I feel that he made me keep his ipod and his other music for a reason. He does make music, music is his passion. I was the first one to hear one of his tracks since he's been home. I felt special, like that was only meant to be. Maybe he could of been using me? I don't know, but I been there for him a long with his grandparents and sister while he was away, it seems as if his kids mother only came through for him when he was getting ready to come home

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