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Planning first date with out of town guy met online after emails and telephone calls. He suggests city #3 no closer to him than mine, while I'm concerned about being local to my home on first date with online guy. Here's our exchange. Any advice on how to respond would be appreciated. Thanks!

ME: Yes, I've been to City#3 and I think it is wonderful. How about you - have you been there? I've always thought of it as (My City’s) big sister of sorts. After my most recent e-mail about the beach, it did cross my mind that the beach near my city would be nice. At sunset, perhaps? Perhaps there may be some moonlight to follow? I love the way moonlight dances on the water. What are your thoughts? Also, I don't know what your schedule is like. Are you thinking sooner or later?

THE GUY: It would be better to meet you sooner than later :) I was going to invite you to visit city #3 with me. Sounds like you have another plan. Tell me what you have in mind.

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  • I personally feel if the city is say, half way for both of you then I don't see a problem. It shows a willingness to compromise right from the start. If either was demanding somewhere in their town for the first date I'd probably not wanna bother myself cause then it seems like "well why do I have to drive all the way out to see you when I'm in the same boat? That it's far and we've only been communicating online and such"

    I dunno... I'd say just talk with him about it and your concerns, but realize you really can't suggest somewhere local without coming off as possibly selfish or not willing to compromise with him.


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  • First date with online people is about showing concern for the others' feelings about the medium on which you two met. This is usually about the woman's feelings. Obviously if he's understanding and accommodates you, you'll feel more at ease and trust him more (at least at first). He's got nothing to lose and everything to gain by being understanding. And I think you're right to do what makes you most comfortable.

  • Somewhere there will be a bunch of people, who would actually lift a finger if someone needed help. I had to put that last part in because most people won't get involved.

    Let someone know where you plan on meeting up. Set your phone to give you periodic alarms to contact said person or have them call you to ensure you are safe.

    There are creepers out there, you just can't be too safe.


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  • Choose where YOU want to go. BE SAFE! Don't let him dictate where you meet. Make sure to tell people where you are going and as many details as possible...including his phone number. Good Luck!

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