What do you ask a guy on ur first date or encounter

would like some advice on dating kida been out of the loop for over 10yrs <<<<<needs major help


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  • Personally, small talk, for me is boring. Also, I find it very frustrating that women I potentially date ask me very little about who I am or what I have done. It's all about: what's your job, do you have kids and/or a wife/girlfriend. After that, comes what do you like to do for fun.lame, lame lame. I happened to have had a fascinating life and done fascinating things with/for facinating people. However, most people I meet don't come close to have accomplished and done what I have and just aren't used to talking about much more than the humdrum of what you would talk about with your g/fs every day. I find that remarkably boring.

    So, my advice: "So, what got you here?" What interests you about me? What shaped your decision to marry, to live where you live, to choose your career? What are your most memorable achievements/failures? What haven't you done that you always wanted to try? What would you like your life to be in one year, three years, five years? Who have you admired, why? What books have you read (they say the magazines you read are truly what you are interested in in life)" These kinds of questions will hopefully stimulate long and interesting conversations. Good luck.


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